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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Imports We Don't Need

So, Clark Rockefeller is a German. A German! What in the world is going on here? Is there anything we won't now import? Henry Ford, an American, refined and perfected automobile production, and yet now we can't get enough of imported Toyota Priuses while good American-made Hummers sit forlornly on car lots all over the country. Televisions, computers, you name it, the US led the way in developing all kinds of products, and now we import rather than export them all. Baseball was invented in Cooperstown, New York, yet all the best players are now imported from Latin America and Japan. I've made peace with all this. But this Clark Rockefeller thing is where I draw the line. The US pretty much invented violent crimes, we are the murder capital of the world, with a murder rate 6 times higher than that of Germany. Why, then, do we need to start importing our murderers? Are we getting lazy? Are there no more red blooded American killers out there? Where have you gone Ted Bundy? Are we really going to let the Christian Karl Gerhartsreiters of the world push us aside? Let's take a stand America! Let's act now for an embargo against all non-native killers, whether they be Moldovian murderers or Barvarian bludgeoners. It's not protectionism, it's patriotism!